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A locomotive way of shooting.

I'm not claiming to know exactly why Boone, IA is famous for trains.  It may have something to do with a huge train bridge that runs near by or maybe that the town had some train business in the past (what that was I don't know).  But the fact is, there were A LOT of trains going through town that day.  At first, I was getting really annoyed because we were trying to get from place to place to shoot Lisa and Neil's awesome wedding.  Then I figured, "dang. Lisa and Neil are proud citizens of Boone and trains are a big part of that."  So I jumped out of my car and shot as much train footage as I could.  Then poof- we had our first train themed SDE.

On a personal note.  Lisa and Neil were great.  Lisa is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and she was such a huge fan of our work it was hard not to go over the moon making a great film.  And Neil is this big burly dude that has that smile that explains how he must charm everybody all the time.  

Hope you guys love their same day edit.


The city, in the country.

The Nahas/Fyfe wedding was very much centered around family.  In our case we got nice and close with the Nahas side of the family (not to take away from the wonderful Fyfe people we met!).  My relationship with the Nahas clan started 3 years ago when I was asked to play my guitar at their beautiful home on the outskirts of West Des Moines for an outdoor party.  

Fast forward three years and daughter Melissa has found the perfect young man, TJ.  We find ourselves at their home again but this time on the inside getting ready for a wedding.  Their home in the country is the exact opposite on the inside.  A sheik, modern, minimalist style that touches a clean place in my heart, defines their decor.  An artistic family with an appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make things beautiful.

Andy and I snuck out before sunlight to the Nahas compound and shot the beginnings of an amazing storm.  The day was rainy, then not rainy but was filled with nothing but love all the way around.  That is until TJ took out his angst on a few golfballs at the Glen Oaks Country Club first tee!!!

Enjoy this short film of a great couple.


dustin + christa: same day edit

there was so much rain leading up to this day, i was just hoping for a break... it turned out to be just a beautiful day.  we had a great time hanging out with the guys in the morning and seeing some previous oceanwideans (new word) throughout the day.

even though every wedding day has similar events, it's always awesome to see the differences - the things that make each day unique and special.  congrats to dustin and christa.  it was awesome to be part of your day! 


noah + kara: photo story sneak peek 

there were so many details that made noah and kara's day special.  from the pocket watch that was once given from noah's mom to his dad and now was given to him by kara... to the comfortable moments that can only be shared with the closest of friends and family.

we wanted to share just a few photos from the day...  there are so many more, but for those, you'll have to wait!


austin + amy

best thing about this business, hands down - getting to know so many great people and tell their stories.  these guys are no exception....

what a great event for all those involved!  here's some of that happiest day: