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Jamie Stoia Photography

Jamie was a girl that we met shooting a wedding in the very south-eastern corner of Minnesota.  Then she became our go to girl in Minneapolis as we were expanding up North.  Then after a few conversations and the realization that we all think way too much alike, we became friends.  

That is just how it happens with Jamie.  With us, just like with her clients, she has a great way with people.  She is passionate and hard working and her photos show it.  Enjoy this short video we shot and edited for Jamie's website.


noah + kara: photo story sneak peek 

there were so many details that made noah and kara's day special.  from the pocket watch that was once given from noah's mom to his dad and now was given to him by kara... to the comfortable moments that can only be shared with the closest of friends and family.

we wanted to share just a few photos from the day...  there are so many more, but for those, you'll have to wait!


Scott + Molly: boats and board games

So here is our latest Same Day Edit.  Scott and Molly are a very awesome young couple who live in Des Moines, IA.  The day of their wedding was really, really, really crazy.  You see, Oceanwide was assigned the Same Day Edit and the Photography.  In addition, I was the lead singer in their band that same night.  Although the day was absolutely insane, Molly, Scott and all of their friends and family calmed us down with their easy going ways.  

I started the day hanging out on Lake Panorama with the guys.  Molly's dad, Fred, acting as captain kept everyone on our toes with a tour of the lake and an overall good time.  The girls had a game of scrabble in mind to calm the pre-wedding nerves.  Some of the girls were fine with spelling lovey-dovey words for the bride, while a few more competitive ladies longed for the triple word score.

This Same Day Edit comes after an awesome workshop earlier in the week with the fabulous company Stillmotion.  I learned a lot in my two days in Chicago with those guys, mostly about really diving into the "why" of the wedding day and the true story of the couple.   I feel like we really did capture Molly and Scott and their whole crew... enjoy.



my girlies (2of4)

it was a beautiful evening and i had a camera.


my brother is funny

...or so he thinks! my family had a great time together over thanksgiving. this photo is one of my favorites from a bunch that i took of pete & stace and their family for a christmas card.