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matt + alison: des moines, iowa wedding

we've known alison for several years.  her brother, adam, was one of our first weddings and we work with her and her family doing some commercial work as well.  

this wedding did not lack for style!  alison and her mom are professionals when it comes to staging, decor and style and it showed.  every detail was considered.

the day was beautiful, in spite of the rain... they had an intimate ceremony with family and friends in a beautiful little chapel in desoto.  thanks to a wonderful couple for including us in your day.


A locomotive way of shooting.

I'm not claiming to know exactly why Boone, IA is famous for trains.  It may have something to do with a huge train bridge that runs near by or maybe that the town had some train business in the past (what that was I don't know).  But the fact is, there were A LOT of trains going through town that day.  At first, I was getting really annoyed because we were trying to get from place to place to shoot Lisa and Neil's awesome wedding.  Then I figured, "dang. Lisa and Neil are proud citizens of Boone and trains are a big part of that."  So I jumped out of my car and shot as much train footage as I could.  Then poof- we had our first train themed SDE.

On a personal note.  Lisa and Neil were great.  Lisa is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and she was such a huge fan of our work it was hard not to go over the moon making a great film.  And Neil is this big burly dude that has that smile that explains how he must charm everybody all the time.  

Hope you guys love their same day edit.