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what we've been up to...

this year has been our busiest ever. lots of weddings, of course, and some exciting commercial work. and while we know that we should be posting regularly to tell everyone of all the fun work we've been doing, we are notoriously bad at that. so i won't attempt at bringing you up to date in one post, but i will let you in on some of it.

last year, a local company asked us to produce a branding piece for their website. we loved working with grey dog media. they do amazing work and we had a lot of fun bringing some past magazine spreads to life in this branding video. here's the piece we created for them last fall:

so this year, they contacted us about partnering with them to create a whole series of content for one of their clients.  this was both challenging and rewarding as we've worked with them to develop something unique for another local business, hy-vee. the goal is to produce an entire library of video resources that have the same look and feel as hy-vee's seasons magazine (a magazine that grey dog has been producing for them for over five years). here's an example of some of that work that we've done this summer:

so there you have it. to see more of the work we've done for grey dog and hy-vee, click here. we are finishing up another dozen videos for them right now. enjoy!