william + arlene

after william and arlene dated in college, they each went separate ways, married (someone else), raised families, had grandkids, and lived a wonderful life apart from each other for many years.  after both of their spouses passed away, their friendship began again and soon after, it became something more.

i never thought my mom would remarry.  i never thought that she wouldn't either.  i just never thought about it until it was already happening!  i'm happy for her and hope for many blessings for them as they move forward, together, in this journey.

being a part of the day, i did a lot less shooting than i normally would.  brad covered photos and cinema, and i shot when i could.  it was somewhat of surreal experience!


Wings, Weddings and Wonderful People

So I will admit that unlike most self proclaimed "artsy" guys I do not like to sip on coffee and and eat at obscure ethnic restaurants (not that those places are bad at all).  So when I found out that Dan and Kelly had planned a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings between their ceremony and reception I was quite excited.  These are my kind of people.  Sports fans and all around easy going, decent people.  Thanks Dan and Kelly for bringing us into your lives.

The wedding day SDE was awesome.  Rice park the site of their first look was a beautiful little green area in the middle of the busiest part of St. Paul, Minnesota.  We enjoyed highlighting this area as well as the rest of the great day.  We hope you enjoy our latest work Oceanwidians!


dan + kelly eshoot

dan and kelly contacted us last summer and we were looking forward to their engagement story all year.  we spent the day with them and it really gave us a chance to get to know this awesome couple.  that's gotta be the best thing about any eshoot - we really get to know much more about who people are and what makes them tic. we had a great time at their house and at the game.  thanks to the both of them for their generous hospitality.  what a privilege it is to get to meet so many great people for "work."


Scott + Molly: boats and board games

So here is our latest Same Day Edit.  Scott and Molly are a very awesome young couple who live in Des Moines, IA.  The day of their wedding was really, really, really crazy.  You see, Oceanwide was assigned the Same Day Edit and the Photography.  In addition, I was the lead singer in their band that same night.  Although the day was absolutely insane, Molly, Scott and all of their friends and family calmed us down with their easy going ways.  

I started the day hanging out on Lake Panorama with the guys.  Molly's dad, Fred, acting as captain kept everyone on our toes with a tour of the lake and an overall good time.  The girls had a game of scrabble in mind to calm the pre-wedding nerves.  Some of the girls were fine with spelling lovey-dovey words for the bride, while a few more competitive ladies longed for the triple word score.

This Same Day Edit comes after an awesome workshop earlier in the week with the fabulous company Stillmotion.  I learned a lot in my two days in Chicago with those guys, mostly about really diving into the "why" of the wedding day and the true story of the couple.   I feel like we really did capture Molly and Scott and their whole crew... enjoy.



brad + jen

the story:  brad and i have been close friends for over half our lives.  i am so happy that he found jen and that she actually agreed to marry the guy :).  congrats to a great couple.

the scoop:  it's not everyday that your business partner / best friend gets married in cancun to a lovely lady / good friend and you get to go an awesome vacation, be best man and shoot photos and videos for the festivities.  but that's the story behind this feature.  it's a privilege to work with such a good friend and person and i had a great time pulling this feature together.  it was quite a different project, especially since i am used to working along side brad and having his input on things.

the soundtrack:  brad, obviously a talented musician, was just screwing around while we were shooting interviews and improvised the song that later became part of their video.  jess (who's my wife) and i sang the book of love song on the beach during their wedding and later re-recorded it in our living room.  and the final tune was a little tribute to adam sandler... 

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