dustin + christa: same day edit

there was so much rain leading up to this day, i was just hoping for a break... it turned out to be just a beautiful day.  we had a great time hanging out with the guys in the morning and seeing some previous oceanwideans (new word) throughout the day.

even though every wedding day has similar events, it's always awesome to see the differences - the things that make each day unique and special.  congrats to dustin and christa.  it was awesome to be part of your day! 


Meghan and Matt the SDE

It was rainy that day... really, really rainy.  But if the old cliche is true then this marriage is going to be a great one!!  The family and friends all took the weather in stride and provided a fun backdrop to a fantastic day.  Showing Matt and Meghan this film and the eShoot at the reception was a fantastic experience- what more can I say? Great day!



Meghan and Matt: ridiculously perfect for each other.

Filming Meghan and Matt's eShoot was quite an experience for me.  While listening to them answer our interview questions I realized something.  Every couple should take a page from their book.  The way that they live and work together, enjoy each other and support one another is pretty much text book.  

I really can't say much more other than I look forward to hanging out with these wonderful people as I am now living in the same city.  My wife and I have both enjoyed their company on a couple occasions and now that we aren't client/vendor anymore I would love to get some good hang-time. 

Watch this piece and tell me you don't feel the same way!


noah + kara: photo story sneak peek 

there were so many details that made noah and kara's day special.  from the pocket watch that was once given from noah's mom to his dad and now was given to him by kara... to the comfortable moments that can only be shared with the closest of friends and family.

we wanted to share just a few photos from the day...  there are so many more, but for those, you'll have to wait!


noah + kara: a des moines wedding film

Why we believe our work is worth it...

I will let Andy comment on our wonderful day with Kara and Noah since he has known Kara's family for a long time.  What I would like to talk about while you watch our latest SDE is why we see value in our wedding cinematography.

I can't lie we are geeks- lenses, steadicams, dollies, all that stuff really gets us going.  However, technology always passes by and story always remains.  More and more lately I have been considering the future when shooting in the present.  I try and ask myself "will this shot work in 10 years?"  We hope that thinking like this will lead to us making timeless films because of what they are and not how they were made

We purposefully have trended away from gratuitous epic shots for more beautiful intimate shots taken during the heart of the day.  Stringing together little stories from throughout that help our couples' memories survive in the most honest and beautiful way we know how to deliver.

These ideas are why I have noticed our Same Day Edits physically drawing guests closer to the couples. And also why I hear the comment all the time "I've never even met the couple and I felt like I'd known them for years."  We love hearing that!  Thank you.

So consider these benefits future Oceanwide couples.  Consider the heart and soul that goes into making every one of these short movies.  With your continued support and well wishing we will continue to carry our passion for making films into your day!

- Brad


Although I've known Kara's family for a long, it's more like I've known of them and just recently got to know Kara and Noah.  Being a dad of 4 kids, I often observe how families, especially siblings, relate to each other. Kara has 3 siblings and it is obvious how much they care for each other... The whole day was a celebration of good families and good friends.  

Everyone was so gracious and fun to be around.  We captured so many great moments in the day, it made putting together the same day edit pretty difficult.  Noah and Kara will definitely be getting some awesome bonus material!

Brad and I had a blast shooting and editing this film.  We hope you enjoy it!