brett + meredith: a SURPRISE same day edit

last april, we had the priviledge of shooting noah and kara's video and getting to know their family throughout the process.  i love their family!  it was at her sister's (kara) wedding, that meredith came up to me and said they wanted us to be part of their day too.  what an honor!  

even though we were scheduled to produce a highlights video of their day, meredith's father called me a few weeks before the wedding and asked if we'd be willing to do a surprise same day edit to play at their reception.  of course!!  so, i spent much of the day editing in the car from location to location and trying to be very covert in my mobile editing suite.

you can see from the video that these people are fun.  but now that all of kara and meredith's siblings are married, we'll have to move on to their extended family to continue the tradition.  who's next?

screenshot of the video of them watching the same day edit at the reception.


What's his name?

So on a Sunday afternoon in Burnsville, MN I hosted about 12 people at my house to film what would become Mike and Katie Harper's eShoot film.  Their video was our first to incorporate stories and interviews from the couples whole family and close friends.  

One of my favorite moments in the interviews was learning that upon meeting Mike, the McQuillan family was unaware that he had a first name.  Actually they were just unaware that his first name was actually Mike.  He had been only called Harper, his last name and nickname.  You will just have to watch. 

Then came their wedding day.  We had an absolute blast going bowling in the morning all the way through to the golf course reception.  Here is their same day edit, enjoy.


A new breeze for Oceanwide...

Since our beginning over 2 years ago at Kaleigh and Nick Hitsman's wedding in Ames, IA, Oceanwide Studios has been plugging away providing our short Same Day Edit videos.  We truly love these films and went about centering our package structure around these short versions of wonderful days.  

Lately we have been hired to do our Feature package more often.  While more expensive in cost these films are longer and more rich with natural dialogue and fun memories from the day.  Still very cinematic in nature and no less detailed in timing and structure the feature offers that "extra" that some of you couples are looking for.  

In the near future we at Oceanwide are going to start a major restructure of how we offer our services to our clients.  Our goal will be to have something that fits a wider set of needs from a wider set of soon to be married couples.  We still hope to show MANY same day edits, but know that there are some of you out there that just have to have well...MORE.

This feature length film was shot on October 1st, 2011 and shines on two absolutely AMAZING people Jon and Emily.  The day went absolutely smooth and provided ample moments for us to get excited about making a movie.  From Emily's time getting ready at her childhood home, to Jon's buddy's setting up a makeshift pool on how long the ceremony would last (which I came close to winning:)).  

We hope you enjoy this

Andy and Brad


As a Clone, I was in the WRONG zone!!

So I never mentioned it to Matt, Liz or any of their friends but I'm a very big Iowa State Cyclone fan.  That means that shooting these recently graduated, rabid Hawk fans in their home town kept my Cardinal and Gold mouth zipped shut:)  

What I came to find out is that those Hawk fans can be quite awesome!  Matt and Liz and their families were gracious and easy going.  The day went smoothly as we shot at some notable sights around the University of Iowa campus.  Note the first look at Iowa's "old capitol" and some great Nile Kinnick respect at the football stadium.  This highlights has national champions written all over it...NOT.



The city, in the country.

The Nahas/Fyfe wedding was very much centered around family.  In our case we got nice and close with the Nahas side of the family (not to take away from the wonderful Fyfe people we met!).  My relationship with the Nahas clan started 3 years ago when I was asked to play my guitar at their beautiful home on the outskirts of West Des Moines for an outdoor party.  

Fast forward three years and daughter Melissa has found the perfect young man, TJ.  We find ourselves at their home again but this time on the inside getting ready for a wedding.  Their home in the country is the exact opposite on the inside.  A sheik, modern, minimalist style that touches a clean place in my heart, defines their decor.  An artistic family with an appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make things beautiful.

Andy and I snuck out before sunlight to the Nahas compound and shot the beginnings of an amazing storm.  The day was rainy, then not rainy but was filled with nothing but love all the way around.  That is until TJ took out his angst on a few golfballs at the Glen Oaks Country Club first tee!!!

Enjoy this short film of a great couple.